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Love and harsh nature in human arises from the heart line. In the person's hands, if this line is clear and red, it is said to be very auspicious. People with such heart line are successful and responsible in nature. If the heart line is not clear and vague in nature, such persons are selfish, sinful, hard-hearted, and show vulgar behaviors. In some hands, heart line is absent, such persons are harsh, cruel, and killers. The heart lines in the palm are of mainly five types on the basis of origin and end point of this line, which are as follows:
1.The first type of heart line starts  below the Mercury Mount and ends at the Jupiter Mount as shown in figure below:

Such persons are impartial and having independent ideology. They are going to remain on their promises. The woman is very attracted to them. They are very kind and achieve name, fame and success in life through their efforts.
2.The Second type of heart line starts below the Mercury Mount and ends at the corner of palm as shown in figure below:

The people with such heart line are ambitious and try to make their life successful by their hard work. If the line at the end of palm is sloped towards Jupiter Mount, then their efforts are successful and if the slope of line is down towards the brain line then their efforts does not get success.
3.The Third type of heart line starts below the Mercury Mount and ends below the sun mount as shown in figure below:

Such type of persons are short-sighted, frustrated, irritable, merciless, condemner of others and suffering from heart disease in old age. Their death may be by Heart attack.
4. The fourth type of heart line starts below the Mercury Mount and ends below the Saturn mount as shown in figure below:

Such type person love many women but they deceive everyone. Their life is full of treacherous and cannot be trusted. Their love is not pure and is only for fulfillment of desires. Such persons cannot be believed. Such people can be cruel and even thieves.
5. The fifth type of heart line starts below the Mercury Mount and ends between index and middle finger as shown in figure below:

Such type of persons are introvert and self-centered. Such people are very diligent and moving towards the goal, but they don’t achieve success in life.
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